Recovery Kits

Complete Vehicle Recovery Packages


Snatch Blocks

As used by the US military and the Time bandit


Hitch Blocks

Class III receiver Blocks are made in the USA and fit standard class 2" receivers



US made and the highest strength in their class



Grade 70 Transport chain useful in a variety of recovery situations



Designed to work with our chain, cable and other Recovery Gear Products


Webbing Products
Recovery Straps


Webbing Products
Winch Extension Straps


Webbing Products
Tree Protector Straps


Winch Cables

Meet or exceed all original equipment manufacturers specifications


Emergency Kits

Recovery Gear is proud to be launching a new line of Emergency kits late winter 2011. These complete kits feature the the most essential emergency items in our easy to store tactical gear bag.


The right choice for work or play:
» Jackets
» Sweatshirts
» T shirts
» Hats



Featured accessories complement our range of Heavy Duty products.


We love trucks - building them up and testing their limits. Don't get us wrong - cars get our adrenaline revving - but they can only be topped-out on a track. With trucks we can bolt something on and be off-road in less than an hour - trying to break it.

This is where our passion lies. We cater to hard-core rock-crawling enthusiasts, continent-crossing expeditionary vehicles, and the weekend warrior wanting the security of having REAL Recovery Gear on board.